Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Where did this day go???

Today has been one of those days that remind me that wedding season is in full swing! My phone probably wants to blow up right about now from constantly going off all day and my brain is wanting to blow up from thinking about all my current brides questions & emails PLUS all the new clients coming in for 2012 who are looking for consultations. I have left the computer once today to go run some linens up North for Fridays wedding which is still wedding related lol. At times it can be over overwhelming but in all honestly i really really love the ciaos! Winter is very slow and boring so once the spring comes my head spins with wedding details 24/7. So far i am super excited to meet with upcoming couples and some of the color palettes you guys are using are awesome!I am so pumped up to bring new creative ideas to all these consultations coming up next week and if you bring an open mind to our meetings and allow me to get creative i promise some awesome designs! All i need you to bring is some pictures of inspiration of anything to do with cakes, invitations, wedding party attire, venue pictures etc.This will all help me figure out what direction you want to go with your decor and flowers.

Since this is a busy time and some of you have been frustrated with communicating with me via phone......i must make a point that for me phone calls just dont happen often. With 2 jobs {one of which i am unable to answer any calls} i often dont answer my phone. Easiest way to reach me is email or through facebook.

Which leads me to my email issue....i have no idea why this is happening BUT clients are telling me their emails are bouncing back to them and not being delivered to me. The reason why is because when i send you an email and you click reply my email address sometimes gets changed to .COM when it is finaltouchesevents.CA.So if your email bounce's back to you check the address bar!!!

I have some new pictures of recent work for you to take a peek at! I am in LOVE with this shot of Erins bouquet.Simple but so elegant.

I am determined to make a post from every wedding i do this year and so far so good!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Silver and white wedding

I have been so lucky with the last few weddings for receiving amazing photos
form couples photographers. It is always so hard for me to get good quality pictures and capture the actual look of my creations with my little digital camera. So with that said i am in LOVE with these images from Jessica & Camerons wedding. The pictures truly capture how beautiful our product really are.

Doesnt the backdrop with rhinestone bands create a gorgeous backdrop of pictures!

Our new rhinestone votive holders

Friday, May 6, 2011

Who say's?

So tell me.............who made up the "wedding rules"

Who said bridesmaids dresses should be matching?

Who said you have to wear white?

Who said cupcakes have to be round?

Who said your centerpieces have to be flowers?

Its 2011 try something different!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Manor Kettleby

I wanted to share some pictures with you that i recieved today from one of my brides. This wedding was held at The Manor in Kettleby last December and was beautiful. With the rich color scheme of eggplant purple, burgundy and gold accents it all came together perfectly. Congrats Laurie and Steve!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Spice up your cupcakes!

I am so excited to share with you a little DIY project i did this morning! So Kyle and I have a photo session coming up in a bit with Gigi Photography and our shoot has some cupcakes in it. Well i LOVE the look of the little pink "perfect" starbucks cupcakes BUT the only problem is the pink icing only comes on the chocolate cupcakes {vanilla ones have white icing and i hate vanilla so i wouldnt even get to eat them after :( } Our shoot is all white pink and some grey.So i started thinking and i remembered a while back i saw DIY cupcake wrappers!

I tired it out using this template:

and they are so so cute!!!Cupcake dalemia solved!!!You wont even see the chocolate cake just the perfectly cute pink icing on top :) Now you may want to add a little notch to one end of the template so you can attach the two ends together instead of taping the inside.

If you are having cupcakes at your wedding how cute would it be to design the wrappers to match your wedding. Look at these vintage ones made out of a doilie.

How easy is that! Once you have a good template cut out to follow your set. Scrapbook paper is the best to use as it has some hold to it and will stand on its own. Good luck!

Photos curtiousy of,, white cabana

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Whats old is new...............

Hi everyone!I thought this would be a perfect time for a blog post for a few reasons. 1- We are heading into our fourth wedding season!!woot woot! 2- We have been MIA for our winter season 3- because we LOVE the way the trends for 2011/2012 are heading!

If you have been buried in the wedding magazines, searching online, or driving your fiance nuts with all the wedding shows lately you probably have picked up on some of the trends for 2011 weddings. Brides are all about vintage chic, going green, DIY kind of weddings. You will see a lot of couples going with outdoor venues this summer for both ceremonies and receptions. Its awesome to have the less formal, fresh summer wedding.... However we all know weather here in Ontario is unpredictable and you would be smart to have a plan B just in case. The outdoor scene allows endless possibilities to throw in your creative touches which is ideal for the Do-It-Yourself couple.

You will see DIY projects everywhere that tie into the vintage theme. Tea light candles in mason jars accented with lace, lemonade stands, centerpieces in mason jars or vintage looking tins. Lanterns or glass vessels stranded from trees, hand painted wedding signs, table numbers in vintage looking picture frames.The flowers for these weddings always look like they have been hand picked from the garden and very "free flowing".

The guys are no longer wearing stifling black tuxes.Grey is the new black!There is something very vintage looking about it and i for one LOVE the look! You may also see charcoal, stone, and oyster often paired up with navy.But grey has the number one spot for 2011.

Now i know cupcakes are hot right now instead of a wedding cake, but i am not one who is taking a love to this trend. Cupcakes to me come off as birthday party treats or shower treats.I think you just have to pull off the "right" cake instead of the stuffy looking 3 tier draped in flowers and fondant. Look at how adorable these vintage feel wedding cakes are. ANDDDDD who says you have to have just one! Candy buffets have been updated with juice stands and pastel sweets tables.

Broaches pearls lace and past down trinkets are being incorporated which i think is personalized and the most meaningful touch you can add.

I am looking forward to working with all of you brides this year and if you ever need any ideas or suggestions just shoot me an email and i will gladly give you my input! It is going to be another busy busy summer and i will try my hardest to post more often. Happy Planning.

Photos curtiusy- aria photography, birch & bird blog, Honey Bee Weddings